Tuesday, October 1, 2013

2013 Announcement!

Hi CrocsMarchians!

Long time no see! Most of you already knew that we have closed down for quite sometimes. Sorry for all the non-replied emails ya! Good news for you, we're back on business!

We're very honored to bring back some Crocs models for KIDS for this 2013!! Yeayyy..

Please be informed that stocks are limited. So, grab yours while stock last! :)

Check out the models in the next posts!

P/S : Updated on 22/08/13 ~ Promotion for Crocs Kids Model --> We're giving FREE POSTAGE!!! Hurry up..order NOW!

You can reached us thru:
SMS - 012.971.3635 or 012.360.0500
Email - crocsmarche@gmail.com
FB - BabyMarche Blogspot



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