Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hot Stuffs : Jibbitz to grab!

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JIBBITZ Stock List (Updated on 2/07/2010):-
# Only left JW04, Jw07, JW15-30, JW32-35, JW38, JW40
# Only left C1,D1,E1,B2,C2,F3,F4,E5
# Newly added JW44-56

Star Wars' Jibbitz is now for you to grab!!! This is a limited edition and only a few pieces left..Hurry before it's goneee... :)
# Only left SW03, SW04, SW09

Decorate your Crocs shoes with these fun and cute Jibbitz. Your Crocs will no more an ordinary shoes!

CrocsMarche sells these Jibbitz only at RM 5 each!!! Hurry up coz it's sold very fast that you can ever think of! :)

Jibbitz selling/buying method:
COD (u purchase Jibbitz only) ~ We only do COD if you purchase >5 pieces of Jibbitz at one time.
COD (u purchase with shoes) ~ No minimum piece of Jibbitz applied.
Post (u purchase Jibbitz only) ~ No minimum piece of Jibbitz applied.  We'll post it thru Pos Express.
Post (u purchase with shoes) ~ No minimum piece of Jibbitz applied. Will be post together with your shoe.

Kindly email/sms us to order.


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