Monday, May 3, 2010

Crocs Men Model : YUKON

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YUKON Stock In-Hand Status (Updated on 5/8/2011) :-
# Chocolate - M7, M8, M9, M10

# Woven Khaki/Khaki - M9
# Realtree Chocolate - M9

CrocsMarche presenting you the series of YUKON...

Crocs Yukon gives you the comfort of clogs with leather details for rugged sophistication. The base for these men’s clogs are the traditional Crocs Shoes and added a leather upper with neutral color combinations.

While the new Yukon Woven taking the traditional clog profile and adding a woven vamp for a look and feel all your own.

Last but not least, Realtree Yukon comes with a Realtree® camouflage print on top and  it's a great addition to any Realtree® fan's wardrobe.

Colors/Sizes that we offer:

Crocs Yukon Series | Size M7 - M10
Yukon Woven Series | Size M7 - M11
Realtree Yukon | Size M8 - M11
(Send us your enquiry thru email/sms to check the availability.)

CrocsMarche sells this only at RM 99 per pair (excluding delivery charges)!
[Old Price : RM130 110]

Kindly email/sms to place your order NOW!


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