Sunday, December 6, 2009

Crocs Women Model : RIO

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RIO Stock In-Hand Status (Updated on 5/4/2010):-
# Red - Sold Out!

All pairs for Rio has been sold out. Congrats and thanks to all customer who managed to grab their pair!! Yeayy!! :)

At lasttt!! After a long wait, CrocsMarche is now presenting our limited collection...RIO!!

Rio wedge sandal features:
# Most stylish summertime wedge.
# Croslite material wedge with smooth glossy-finish patent leather upper.
# Lightweight and comfortable.
# Crisscrossed wraparound ankle strap with buckle for support.
# Approximate heel height is 3 inches.

Color that we offer: Red ONLY. Please don't request other colors.
Size that we offer : W6-W9 only.

CrocsMarche sells this only at RM 160 per pair (excluding delivery charges) and it comes with a Crocs' Ugly box!!!
[Old price : RM 169]

You'll also get a FREE Crocs Woven bag with every RIO purchased :) What a great deal, right?

Kindly sms or email us to order this stylish pair now!


7 crocs lover:

Browniss said...

sedap pakai kasut crocs ni suka sangat..Anyway, thanks kakak ipar awk order coklat dgn sy.. sesiape yg tgh cari doorgift, paperbag, box layari or ;)

EyeDa said...

wehh cuzie. Wa ade 2 customer tunggu for RIO. Smpi je stok ni inform wa beb. Chinggg!!Chingg!!duit masuk duit masuk..wahaha.

crocsmarche said...

Browniss ~ time kasih! ;) senang2 order la ye..

EyeDa ~ okes..saba menanti la yek sbb wa pun lom nampak bayang RIO nak muncul nih..

farysa said...

ble nk ade stock ek?
i nk rio

EyeDa said...

Huwaaa!!! Finally RIO in da stock!! Wa nk color purple wehh. Ade tak?ade tak?ade kan laa....

crocsmarche said...

EyeDa : REDDDD saje! jgn degil..haha cepat2 kasitau sesape yang nak RIO..member2 lu sume..segera segera 5 pairs only available okeh

EyeDa said...

wehh..color purple xde lg ke..isskk.xkan xleh request kt supplier cm cypruss wa dulu..hehe

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