Friday, June 11, 2010

Crocs Women Model : Crocband Flat

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Crocband Flat Stock In-Hand Status (Updated on 1/8/11) :-
# Cotton Candy - Sold Out!
# Bubblegum - W5
# Navy - Sold Out!
# Red - W7
# SkyBlue - W9
# White - W6, W8, W9
# Black - W5

The Crocband Flat will quickly become a favorite for around town, or around the house. If you are looking for a truly unique, stylish and comfortable shoe the Crocband Flat is for you!

Color that we offer : Navy, White, Bubblegum, SkyBlue, Black, Red, Cotton Candy, Yellow
Size that we offer : W5-W9
Crocsmarche sells this only at RM 80 per pair (excluding delivery charges)!
[Old Price : RM 95]

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7 crocs lover:

Nad a.k.a MamaZakwan said...

dh agak dh, mesti takde saiz..huhu!teringin nak ada mmg takleh pakai crocs kot..korok bleh la..haha!

crocsmarche said...

nad : pakai size ape ek?

Nad a.k.a MamaZakwan said...

biase 8 @ 9
kalu crocs + 1 lagi kn?

crocsmarche said...

nad : Aah tambah satu tapi cutting Crocband Flat besar sikit la..mane tau leh muat W9? Test la dulu :)

R33F said...

hi.. interested to get sky w6.. cod equine? added u as a friend on FB too..

R33F said...

oops baru perasan sky takde size.. so only left black, white n bubble gum? :( guess will go with black..

crocsmarche said...

R33F: Hi there..alamak so sorry lama x check website since temporary closed aritu..anyway i hv replied thru FB..tq! :-D

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