Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Crocs Women Model : MADEIRA

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MADEIRA Stock In-Hand Status (Updated on 22/08/2011):-
# Bubblegum/Fuchsia - W5, W6,W7, W8

The new Crocs' sandal is now available at CrocsMarche...Crocs Madeira! It's incredibly lightweight design with a 2" wedges makes you feel comfortable as soon as you slip them on.

Colors that we offer : Bubblegum/Fuchsia ONLY
Sizes that we offer : W5 - W8

Crocsmarche sells this only at RM 99 per pair (excluding delivery charges)!
[Old Price : RM105]

Kindly email or SMS to order this latest cutey pair now and be the first to wear this model!


2 crocs lover:

kids shoes said...

Congrats! Power on, you guys are truly filling a void. I'm sure that there will be much more recognition to come for your awesome work.

Puan Fifiey said...

comelnya .. geram tgk ..Salam perkenalan.. jom follow blog saya balik..:)

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